Summer Shred Stack

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  • The Summer Shred Stack has everything you need to get absolutely shredded this summer! It is a combo of 3 brand new products: Defiant Shredded, Daily Force, and the Summer Shaker, and also includes the #1 best selling fat burner: Vanquish Hardcore. 


    Morning Training Session:


    - Defiant SHREDDED (1 or 2 scoops based on tolerance)

    - Daily Force (3 pills)

    Afternoon/Evening Training Session:

    With Breakfast

    - Vanquish Hardcore (2 pills) 

    - Daily Force (3 Pills)


    - Defiant SHREDDED (1 or 2 scoops based on tolerance)


    Defiant SHREDDED

    A 2-in-1 Formula combining intense fat-melting ingredients AND powerful pre-workout ingredients. It also features 5 top-quality Patented ingredients.

    If you’re trying to burn more body fat and lose weight AND you enjoy using a pre-workout to intensify your training… Defiant Shredded was created for you. We loaded this product with equal parts of pre-workout & fat-burner to provide a well-rounded support for your weight loss AND training efforts. 

    To get the most of the fat-burning effects, each ingredient helps in their own unique way. Targeting stubborn body fat. Helping to use fat for fuel. Increasing thermogenesis to burn more calories. Boosting & supporting a healthy metabolism. Accelerating your weight loss results. & more!

    Defiant Shredded helps to accomplish all of this while still providing you the energy & focus you desire from a pre-workout. Clean Energy with NO crash. Superior long-lasting focus. Power & endurance to push you through your strenuous workouts. & more!

    Whether you are lifting weights, doing cardio, training for a competition, doing CrossFit, or any other physical activity, Defiant Shredded can help burn more body fat & perform your absolute best. Escalate your fat loss potential and intensify your workouts with Defiant Shredded. The experience is unlike any other.*

    Vanquish Hardcore

    Vanquish Hardcore is a VERY powerful fat burning product. It has been designed with the most hardcore ingredients available on the market. By using Vanquish Hardcore you will experience a tremendous amount of energy and focus that lasts all day.

    Your appetite will be curbed making it easier to follow your meal plan and keep you from snacking on junk. Users will experience a huge mood increase leading to being more productive and focused on their goals.

    Hardcore thermogenic ingredients will have you burning more calories, burning more fat, and annihilating that unwanted weight of yours. You will be destroying body fat from multiple pathways. Vanquish Hardcore is here to get you lean and get you on a path to crushing your weight loss goals.

    Daily Force

    Think of DailyForce as your micronutrient insurance policy: a daily guarantee that your body gets the vitamins and minerals it needs to function on all cylinders. It makes up for the short-falls that happen when we don’t get what we need from our food.

    DailyForce is also supercharged with immune-system boosting ingredients and antioxidants. Our immune system is VITAL in protecting us from diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, and toxins. It is also responsible for down-regulating our immune responses against harmless triggers.

    DailyForce can aid your weight loss & muscle-building ambitions as well. While we would never call a multivitamin supplement a “fat burner” or a “muscle builder,” your body still needs all vitamins & minerals to help achieve those goals. The fat-burning & muscle-building processes in the body require an array of these powerful nutrients.