Defiant UNLEASHED - Blue Freeze

There's no better feeling than being able to power through your training with intensity & a limitless drive. We use a powerful combination of high-powered stimulants to ignite your energy & focus beyond what you've experienced ever before.*

Enhancing your focus & cognition beyond its previous limits is made possible with the massive combination of 7 different nootropic ingredients. You can expect an intense mind-to-muscle connection, experience everlasting tunnel vision, & an extreme amount of mental clarity. You'll feel completely locked in.*

We've also included ingredients to help you feel less fatigued, keep strength up throughout the workout, & increase blood flow/nitric oxide production which can allow more oxygen & nutrients to be delivered to your muscles.*

The addition of Astragin™ allows these ingredients to be absorbed & utilized more efficiently. You'll never have to worry about if you're getting the full benefit from these ingredients again!

Are you ready to experience the feeling of being able to completely dominate every single exercise & workout that is in front of you?

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