DEFIANT - Blue Freeze

The First-Ever Limited Edition Defiant!
Defiant has always been a very smooth & clean type of energy. Nothing jittery or cracked-out. The combination of ingredients in this product will give you a one-of-a-kind type of "euphoric" focused-energy. It provides a locked-in & clean focus, powerful & clean energy, and best of all... ZERO crash.*

You can expect a tremendous performance boost in your training with increased strength & endurance and better recovery time between sets. Not only that, but by increasing your blood flow with our pump ingredients, you'll be delivering more oxygen & nutrients to your muscle tissue while training. This results in better performance, better recovery, & overall better training.*

Featuring an All-Star Line-Up of 7 different Nootropic & Brain-Enhancing ingredients, your focus will be higher than it has ever been before. You'll be taking full control of your mind & feel more locked-in to your workouts then ever before.*

For the energy & stimulants, we use a blend of 5 that provide long-lasting clean energy & intense focus. Simple, yet VERY effective in getting your energy levels where they need to be to crush your workout. Don't expect to crash off of them either!*

Astragin™ is a major absorption enhancer that provides maximum absorption & utilization of the ingredients used in Defiant, & most other ingredients taken along with it.*

This is a premium high-dosed pre-workout that will provide powerful energy & focus with no crash, maximum strength, endurance, & blood flow enhancement, and optimal absorption to make sure you're getting the most benefit from each ingredient.*

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