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110% Satisfaction Guarantee


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The Joe Rogan Approved Natural Test Boosting Ingredients

“There's a category of supplements that are very interesting that for most people who aren't exploring testosterone augmentation for sport, work very well to increase testosterone by about 100 to 200 points”

- Andrew Huberman, a Professor of Neurobiology and Ophthalmology at Stanford University, and host of the "Huberman Lab" Podcast.

Andrew Huberman, a Professor of Neurobiology and Ophthalmology at Stanford University, and host of the "Huberman Lab"Podcast. Andrew went on the JRE to discuss testosterone optimization and natural alternatives to standard Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Two natural ingredients stand far above the rest for providing the most drastic testosterone boost he's seen. Fadogia agrestis and tongkat ali, work together to bring boosts up to 300 -400 points!

The Highest Dosed Natural Testosterone Booster

AlphaForce is the highest dosed Testosterone Booster on the market loaded with the Joe Rogan approved natural boosting ingredients as well as other power-house ingredients:

Natural Testosterone Support

Fadogia Agrestis - 2000mg

Tongkat Ali - 600mg

SA3X - 500mg

Free Roaming Testosterone

Stinging Nettle - 500mg

Zinc - 10mg

Boron - 3mg

Decrease Estrogen

Androsta-3 - 80mg


Feel Young Again - Delete The Dad Bod

For A Limited Time get everything you need to cut that dad bod, and feel young again TODAY. Alpha Force to skyrocket your testosterone, shred that belly fat, and get back to your PRIME.

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The Benefits of Alpha Force - According to Joe Rogan

Andrew Huberman expanded on the benefits of a natural testosterone booster for men saying, "People who aren't getting prescribed TRT but want to experience the increase in testosterone that it offers can take advantage of Tongkat Ali supplements and Fadogia Agrestis supplements. These plant compounds like Tongkat Ali and Fadogia Agrestis can be very interesting. There is a Nigerian shrub called fadogia agrestis and it mimics the human luteinizing hormone which is the hormone that comes out of the hypothalamus that stimulates the testes if you got those and your ovaries if you've got those to make more testosterone or estrogen and so those two herbal supplements together can give a significant boost in free and active testosterone.


Joe Rogan; "So you said Tongkat Ali can give you 100 to 200 - what does the other one give you?"


Andrew Huberman; "Fadogia ... the most dramatic effect I’ve ever seen was somebody you had is testosterone down in the low twos or I think it was like low twos (200s) and he got it up to the 700 range which but that's it but that's an outlier, right. Most people are gonna see about a three (300) to four (400) hundred point increase"


Joe Rogan; "and that's what the two of them synergistically"


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