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    • 1 Bottle of Thyro-Excel NON-Stim Fat Burner

    • 1 Bottle of Vanquish Stim Fat Burner

    Q:  How do you incinerate fat to the max??
    A:  Combine Vanquish with Thyro-Excel!

    Vanquish is one of hardest hitting fat burners out there.  But what happens when you want to take your fat lose to the next level?  You stack Vanquish with Muscle Force’s top thyroid supporting thermogenic, Thyro-Excel!  Here is what to expect:
    - Extreme Energy* - Explosive Weight Loss*
    - Laser Like Focus* - Thyroid Support*
    - Water Weight Balance* - Glucose Support*
    - Adrenal Support* - Brain Boosting*
      More Energy = Stronger Metabolism
      The smack you in the face Thermogenic ingredients in Vanquish will take your energy levels through the stratosphere.  But does that translate into an increased metabolism?


      When your metabolism is increased, you will get more energy from the cranked-up fat burning mitochondria.  This energizes your body, and your fat burning abilities!

      Enhanced Weight Loss!!
      We already know that the potent thermogenic blend in Vanquish burns fat with reckless abandonment.  We also know that the Thyroid supporting formula in Thyro-Excel delivers. 

      Q.  But what happens when their powers are combined?
      A.  You deliver a 1-2 knockout punch to your stubborn body fat! 

      Your metabolism works best when your thyroid is operating properly.  After all, it is responsible for regulating the metabolic processes of the body.  And when your thyroid is operating efficiently, any thermogenic supplement you use, like Vanquish, will work exponentially better!!

      How do the Adrenal Glands support effect weight loss?
      The Adrenals are responsible for giving your body a burst of energy and alertness-- think, your body's fight or flight response.  These tiny little glands located above the kidneys do a lot!  And sometimes, they do too much.  When this happens, the hormone cortisol can halt your weight loss in its tracks!  Ever wondered why you don’t respond the same way to caffeine as you used to?  Can you say Adrenal Fatigue?

      No worries!  The potent combo of Vanquish and Thyro-Excel will ensure that your Adrenal glands receive all the support needed to keep your weight loss moving in the right direction!