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110% Satisfaction Guarantee
110% Satisfaction Guarantee


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  • With all of the Creatine products on the market, it’s difficult to set yourself apart from the crowd. We did just that with Crea-Gainz.

    The market is flooded with under-dosed Creatine products that do not do any good for the user.

    By combining Creatine HCL, Beta-Alanine, & Astragin, users get all of the classic benefits from Creatine with the added benefit of lactic acid buffering from the Beta-Alanine as well as superior absorption from the Astragin. 

    Gone are the days of loading phases and stomach problems from Creatine products & gone are the days of wondering whether or not your Creatine product will actually help you perform or train.

    Crea-Gainz will take your training to the next level and help you along your way in building muscle and helping you get the most out of your workouts.

    - Better Energy Production* - Extended Training*
    - Improved Absorption* - Cellular Energy*
    - Huge Endurance Boost* - Make Weights Light*
    - More Reps* - Explosive Power*
  • Here is what is in our upgraded creatine blend:
    Creatine Hydrochloride - 4g – The highly soluble creatine.  Don’t leave anything behind in your cup.

    Beta-Alanine - 1g Helps increase the carnosine levels in your muscle tissue.  Increased carnosine helps to buffer against lactic acid and other waste materials produced by the body during intense training sessions.  This buffering helps to improve muscle endurance, and recovery.

    Astragin -50mg – Significantly increases the absorption of Creatine & Beta-Alanine, as well as the other ingredients in whatever Pre-Workout or Amino Acid product you drink before/during your training session. You'll never have to worry about if you're getting the full benefit from these ingredients again!
    Himalayan Pink Salt, Sodium Phosphate, & Potassium Phosphate-- Included to make sure that your body is properly hydrated and provided with the electrolytes they need to perform at their best.