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110% Satisfaction Guarantee

Alpha Force Case Study *INSANE RESULTS*

Alpha Force Case Study *INSANE RESULTS*

Ben Childers Ben Childers
2 minute read

If you're a man and you've ever shopped for testosterone boosters, it can be a little intimidating. From claims that you will grow 3 inches, to the warning that it is "snake oil" it's hard to know what to believe. 

That's why we believe in numbers. No B.S. Just results. So here is a study we did, with the help of a licensed doctor. 

We took one anonymous man, we'll call him Bob, and took his blood work before he had taken any Alpha Force. His testosterone was 270, and his sex hormone binding globulin was 9.2. These numbers might be a little confusing if you aren't familiar with hormones, so I will break it down. Testosterone is the total testosterone in the body, with a "healthy" range being 200 - 800. 

That range can be deceiving though... There is a BIG difference between a 200ng/dL testosterone and an 800 ng/dL testosterone, meaning someone could be in that range but like Bob have low-t. 

Here is his initial blood work:

before alpha force testosterone results

Bob then took the suggested dose, 6 capsules, of Alpha Force every day for 2 months. In this 6 capsule dose he was receiving 2000mg of Fadogia Agrestis, 600mg of Tongkat Ali, 500mg of SA3X®, and more testosterone boosting ingredients.

After his 2 months of Alpha Force, Bob came back into the clinic for another round of blood work. His total testosterone went up over 400 points to 696 ng/dL! On top of that, his sex hormone binding globulin also increased from 9.2 to 35!

Here are his results after 2 months of Alpha Force:

testosterone results after alpha force

Bob now has more energy, more drive, better muscle mass, and is burning fat at a higher rate!

So, next time you're curious about increasing your testosterone look for results. 

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